My New Member Journey

What will I be getting soon?

Here is a list of items to expect from us in the next few weeks:

Welcome Phone Call
Expect a Welcome Phone Call from our team within 30 days of enrolling. During this call, we will review important items with you!

ID Card and Welcome Kit
Be on the look out for your ID Card in the mail within 10 calendar days from receipt of CMS confirmation of enrollment or by last day of month prior to effective date - whichever is later. 

What should I do after enrolling?

Here are a few suggested resources and tools we recommend you explore & review as a New Member:

Activate my Member Account 
Did you know that you don’t have to wait for your ID card to sign up for your Member Account? To register, you only need your Medicare number, your first and last name and your date of birth.

Once you are registered, you can download, fax or print a copy of your ID card should you need it before your original ID card arrives in the mail.

Review my Medicare Education
Download the Medicare Education resource to familiarize yourself with how Medicare works.

Review My Plan Benefits
Familiarize yourself with your plan, pharmacy & extra benefits.

Review My Doctors & Providers
Explore the doctors and health care providers that are in network.

  • Schedule your first appointment
    In your first 90 days with us, schedule your wellness visit with your personal doctor. If you are seeing a new personal doctor, call your last doctor’s office and ask to have your records sent to your new doctor. 

Welcome Phone Call/ Text Message

Within 30 days of enrollment, we will be reaching out to discuss majority of the topics below- please allow at least 30 minutes for this call. Don’t worry- if we call during busy time, you can always schedule a call back whenever its more convenient for you!

  • Confirm enrollment with selected plan
  • Confirm if materials were received via mail
  • Add additional phone numbers to account
  • Information on Welcome Room Locations
  • Review Questions regarding your health
  • Review of Benefits within selected plan
  • Review of current doctors and scheduling of appointments
  • Review of Ancillary and Pharmacy Services, if needed

ID Card and Welcome Kit

Your ID Card and Welcome Kit should arrive within 10 days of mailing. If you do not receive your materials, let us know during your Welcome Call as we can send another set your way.

Your Welcome Kit will provide information and easy to follow checklist for “Things to Do”, “Things to Know”, and “Things to Explore” as you get to know your Medicare Advantage plan. Take a few moments to go through this Welcome Kit once received.

Still have questions? Contact us. We are happy to help!